Reading at Arnbrook


The teaching of reading is a high priority at Arnbrook Primary School. This starts from the very beginning as children enter our EYFS, with nursery children supported to develop their early reading skills by learning about sounds and rhymes through songs, games and nursery rhymes. Phonics is taught daily from reception through a well embedded structured programme called ‘Read, Write Inc.’

We work hard to foster a love of reading within our pupils. Parents, we need your help with this. Why not come and use our library which is open each week and has a wide variety of books for you and your child to enjoy together. We ask that our pupils read daily and 'drop everything for 10'. Throughout the school we ensure there are many opportunities for children to listen to and share a variety of stories and texts.

As our pupils transition from 'learning to read', through the Read Write Inc programme, to 'reading to learn' children participate in daily guided reading lessons. During guided reading, the focus is on children having a deep understanding of the text that they are reading. Teachers work hard to broaden children's vocabulary. Reading is at the heart of Arnbrook's curriculum with reading skills developed across a range of subjects.

We expect parents and carers to 'drop everything for ten' at home and either read with or listen to their children read for ten minutes every day. A record of their reading should be kept in your child's reading log. All children have a reading book from either our school or class library, linked to their reading ability, and children on our phonics programme are provided with a phonics book linked to their current phonic knowledge.

It can be confusing trying to understand how children learn to read. Check out this video for info' on how we use phonics to teach children to read from an early age. You can also watch this video on Youtube by clicking here. Parents & carers of pupils in Year 1 - please see video all about the Phonics Screening Check here.  


Our school library is open at the following times:

Tuesdays 3:20-3;40pm Reception - Y2

Thursdays 3:20-3:40pm Y3-6

Reading at Arnbrook Leaflet