British Values & SMSC Development

Throughout our curriculum and ethos we aim to promote Fundamental British Values and children’s SMSC development within all aspects of school life. We expect individuals associated with our school to aim to adhere and respect these values which unite us all whatever their faith, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation or beliefs. There are times when our taught curriculum cover these values but we also make best use of opportunities throughout the school day to promote these at all times. The way in which we teach these is appropriate to the stages of development of the children. Practically these values are experienced through areas such as: assemblies, whole school themed days/weeks, School Council, Forest schools, positive behaviours – Evergreens, charity and fundraising work, enrichment activities, although there are always more!

The PHSE curriculum is designed to cover issues affecting our local school community – prominence is given to SRE, lessons on healthy and positive relationships and consent. E-safety is taught throughout the year. A weekly ‘Big Question’, linked to the current news, provides a regular opportunity for pupils to engage with a topical issue and explore British Values. Learning about bullying and discrimination includes issues such as homophobia, race and religion and disability