How much homework will your child do at Arnbrook? 


This is key to everything your child will do in school. We expect parents and carers to 'drop everything for ten' at home and either read with or listen to their children read for ten minutes every day. A record of their reading can be kept in your child's reading log. All children are encouraged to have a reading book from either our school or class library, and all children from Y2-6 have a reading hour book, which they are expected to read a section of each week. They also have a short homework task to complete each week for reading hour, which is given out on a Friday. Younger children - Nursery, Reception and Year 1  need to practice reading their phonics book each week. 

Our school library is open at the following times: 

Tuesdays 3:20-3;40pm  Reception - Y2

Thursdays 3:20-3:40pm Y3-6



All children in Y1-6 get Maths homework every Friday, which should take around 20 minutes to complete.  This should be handed in by the following Friday. 


In Y1-6,children get a list of 6-8 spellings to practice at home every week, every Friday. They complete a short test on these spellings each week. This should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. 


What happens if my child does not hand in the homework?

We ask all children to complete their homework, as it supports and extends their learning in school. All teachers promote completing homework through praise, prizes and celebrations. In Year 5 & 6, we expect that all children complete homework. Those who don't may be asked to complete the homework during short supervised sessions at break or lunchtime. 

Please do come in and talk to your child’s class teacher if there are ongoing issues with the completion of homework or if your child is finding work difficult.

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