Update: School Re-Opening

Tuesday 5th January: School Re-opening Update

Please be reassured that currently, we still plan to be 'open as normal' on Tuesday 5th January.

As we have learnt during this pandemic however, things can change very quickly in regards to schools and we all recognise we are in for a bumpy ride over the next term.

It is likely that disruption will continue to be a way of life for a while yet. To help us prepare for this, we will be sending out a questionnaire early next week to see who would need key worker provision if we are instructed to partially close.

We will do our very best to keep you fully informed and provide you with clear information.

At the heart of all our decisions is our focus on keeping all members of our school community safe and supporting pupils' learning both at home and school.

To help ensure we keep school open, we again remind parents/carers of the importance of following these rules on our school site:

- Wear a face covering.
- Keep 2 metres apart.
- Don't enter our school building unless necessary - call or message us instead.
- Use designated entry/exit points.
- Only 1 adult should accompany their children on/off site.

If your child, or anyone in their household, has symptoms of COVID/positive test result, everyone in the household must stay at home & follow health guidance.

No-one who has, or in the same household as someone who has, symptoms/ positive test result for COVID should enter school site

We are proud to serve our fantastic local community. Let's all remember that we are 'in this together', follow the rules and remain hopeful for the future. The pandemic will end and we will get through this.